Special Offers, Loulous

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Don't let work and a busy life consume you!

Take a step back at Loulous Day Spa, and take advantage of one of our Special Offers. Return to your daily grind refocused and refreshed. You deserve this indulgent respite!

Escape The Grind: Renew Your Body & Mind

Are the stresses of work weighing you down? with deadlines piling up and busy meetings, it's easy to feel burnt out. You need a break - a chance to truly relax and recharge. Treat yourself to 1 hr & 45 blissful minutes, where our professional spa therapists will melt away your tensions with: 

  • A rejuvenating 45 minute massage - using therapeutic techniques, your massage therapist will release muscle tightness and knots, improving circulation and flexibility. you'll leave feeling looser and more energized. 

  • A Luxurious 60min Spa Facial - this nourishing facial combines revitalising masks and serums to hydrate and renew your skins radiant glow. Say goodbye to dullness and fatigue lines. 

Book your 1 hr 45min journey to relaxation today for only $195  (normally $275)

Bookings must be made during April / May or pre pay to receive a 3month extension. 

25% Off - 2x 60min Signature Facials

Our  signature facial is customised for your skin to suit your personal needs and concerns. Using products specially selected for your skin, we incorporate customised actives, intensive masks and massage. We can also include dermabrasion machines and peels to create a facial designed exclusively for your skin. 

Priced normally at $340 for 2x facials.


A payment plan to suit your lifestyle

At LouLous Day Spa, we want to make life a little easier by offering interest-free payment plans from providers that you can tailor to fit your lifestyle and budget - spreading the payments, so you don't have to pay the whole amount upfront.


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