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Waterlily Spa Facials

Performance facials harnessing pure aromaceutical concentrates with premium dilutions of activebotanical extracts, vitamins, omega rich infusions to not only transform the skin but deliver an aromatic spa journey that distils the quintessential essence of wellness, vitality and rejuvenation.

70 Minute Spa Facials - $175

* includes an aromatic foot soak/ scrub at beginning of treatment, cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage, contour mask, hand & arm massage, moisturising

Triple Berry Spa Facial 
A decongesting skin treatment targeting young acne prone skins while also delivering anti-ageing benefits to mature skin struggling with hormonal acne, sensitivity, uneven skin tone, fine lines and dehydration. 

Rose Peptide Spa Facial
A decadent skin ritual layered in pure hypnotic rose absolute with lashings of vanilla bean, rose geranium and rosewood delivered in a cosmeceutical infusion of smart peptides and collagen to lift, firm and remodel skin. 

Lime Caviar + C Spa Facial
A refreshing & skin brightening Vitamin C professional treatment infused with synergistic clinical cosmeceuticals to boost hydration while brightening & revitalising skin colour, tone and texture to minimise signs of ageing. 

30 Minute Power Facials - $90

includes cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage, moisturising 

Replenishing and clarifying power treatments using AHA or BHA exfoliants fortified with skin perfecting omega rich infusions of antioxidant and vitamins to treat a range of different skin concerns. 

Repair & Rejuvenate / Clear & Confident / Bright & Refine


Thermal or Cryogenic Infusion Facial - $245

* includes an aromatic foot soak/ scrub at beginning of treatment, cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage, treatment mask, thermal or cryogenic mask with hand & arm massage, moisturising to finish. 

Thermal Infusion
The treatment triggers circulation with a natural heat activating diffusion booster to stimulate the transdermal immersion of the Serum and Treatment Masque applied underneath. After 5 minutes, the Finishing Masque will gradually increase in temperature due to the exothermic release. The effect is a deeper more intensified treatment result to firm, tone and revitalise texture.

Cryogenic Infusion 
An innovative Performance Masque combining a heat activated diffusion booster with a cryogenic cooling effect to enhance transdermal penetration of key cosmeceutical heroes.
The heat-activating ingredients work to deeply stimulate and hydrate the skin, while the menthol provides a refreshing and cooling sensation that helps to soothe inflammation while firming and toning. 

Performance Enhancements 

Microdermabrasion Exfoliation: $30
if you're struggling with rough skin and congested pores then this is the perfect add on to give you smooth, brighter lumnious skin

Hydra-dermabrasion Cleanse: $40
Give your skin the ultimate clean with this add on - using a BHA & AHA solution to decongest pores and water suction to cleanse it all away.

Treatment Mask: $35
Enhance your facial with an extra treatment masque to deliver an intensity of active ingredients to treat the concerns with your skin. Your therapist will choose the most suited for you.

Dermaplaning: $30
A gentle exfoliation technique that sloughs off dead skin and removes unwanted peach fuzz from your face to give your skin a clean smooth appearance.

Eye Renewal Treatment: $65
Say good bye to dark circles, puffiness, and crows feet with this specialised eye treatment which combines cosmeceuticals with dermal needling to help the absorption of ingredients and activate collagen production.

Electrophoresis: $40
Achieve deeper absorption of treatment serums into the skin using an elcetrical current, for more effective skin results

Sensory Spa Enhancements 

Extra 15 min Massage Time: $30
extend your facial with an extra 15minutes of massage for deeper relaxation. 

Waterlily Orange Crème Hair Masque: $35
An aromatic hair ritual infused with a soothing head massage  to boost condition and shine for lustrous healthy locks. 

Moroccan Rose Hand & Arm Hydration Treatment: $55
A luxurious skin exfoliating ritual combinded an indulgent hydrating mask and finished with an arm massage leaving skin revitalised, fragrant and silky smooth. 

Barefoot Botanical Indulgence: $55
This aromatic foot treatment relieves stress and tension while enhancing relaxation and general well-being, leaving feet smooth enough to kiss!

Aromatic Foot Soak and Salt Scrub: $25
Start your treatment with a warming foot soak using a decadent aromatherapuetic bubble bath and skin smoothing sugar scrub

The Juvenate Journey

Juvenate Cosmedical Facials - $120

(45mins) Highly concentrated and active skin treatments that combines relaxation with the results of clinical skin solutions. includes cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, facial massage & moisturising
Choose from:

Rebalancing    /    Anti-Aging   /  Anti-pigmentation

NEW Juvenate Phyto Facial - $150

(45mins) includes cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage, phyto renew sheet mask, moisturising
Using the power of Re-Flow massage,  a sequence of relaxing massage techniques that enhance lymphatic drainage removing waste and toxins from your tissues, which can be a contributing factor to many skin concerns, including acne, laxity, inflammations and other skin issues. 

Juvenate Lactic Peels - $130

(30mins) A deep exfoliating treatment to achieve smoother more refined skin. Perfect for those dealing with pigmentation and ageing skin.

Juvenate VitA Forte Peel - $150

(45mins) This advanced peel helps to brighten the skin by working to restore the growth of healthy young skin cells. Vit-A-Peel provides a smooth, even textured complexion by increasing cell turnover, ceramide protection and moisture levels. 
(to receive this facial, we require you to be on our Juvenate Vitamin A programme - speak to one of our therapists today to find out more) 


A cleansing bath of hydration and skin-enhancing treatment using AHA- and BHA-infused peel solutions and water suction to deeply cleanse the pores and improve overall skin texture and tone.

intensify your facial experience by including a serum infusion using electrophoresis to push active ingredients deep into the skin. 

Express (30mins) - $100
Includes Hydro cleanse with peel & moisturising | add on serum infusion $40

Deluxe 60mins - $170
Includes Hydro cleanse with peel, serum infusion, mask & moisturising. 

*add a hydro cleanse on to any facial for $40


A non-invasive skin re-surfacing treatment using fine micro-crystals and vacuum suction to improve skin texture, shrink pores and decrease hyper-pigmentation for a brighter, smoother skin. 

Express (30mins) - $80
includes cleanse, micro exfoliation, serum and moisturising 

Deluxe (60mins)- $140
includes cleanse, micro exfoliation, AHA + fruit enzyme peel, facial massage & moisturising

*Add on a micro exfoliation to any spa facial for $30

Skin Consultation

Book a skin consultation using our state of the art skin scanning technology so we can create a customised skin journey to help you achieve the results you desire.

$85 - ($50 redeemable on any skin care products)
Complimentary when booked with any facial


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